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RollMeOver is a clinometer, inclinometer, 
tilt meter for use when driving Off-Road.  The application provides the vehicle’s pitch and roll, helpful for some of those challenging obstacles.

Why is RollMeOver the leading Inclinometer in the Mobile App Market? Look at this list of Features!

Visual Controls

•Compatible with Android 2.3 & up
•Portrait, Landscape/Reverse Landscape mode
•Scales to any screen size
•Multiple in app Backgrounds
•Choose your own Background from Photo Gallery
•Choose your own Vehicle Icons from Photo Gallery
•Custom On Screen Name
•Color Options
       Vehicle color chooser
       Text color chooser
       Background color splash
•Non-Full Screen Mode
•Adjustable Screen Brightness

Numerous Sensor Options

•Accurate Pitch & Roll angles, see for yourself
•Calibrate to any orientation
•GPS Controls, Time + Distance
•GPS Compass bearing
•Compass Options
•Customizable Pitch + Roll Sensitivity
•4 Pitch + Roll Modes
       Remove Gravity
       Gyroscope Fusion
       Flat Orientation

•Percent Grade
•Max/Min Achieved
•Barometer for Elevation - Supported Devices
•Invert Roll
•Pitch + Roll Spike ReductionWarning & Danger Alarms •Pitch + Roll Alarms•Independently set Driver + Passenger Roll,Max + Min Pitch•Independent Pitch + Roll Alarms•Roll + Pitch Visual(Red) Danger Indicators•Roll + Pitch Visual(Yellow) Warning Indicators•6 In-App Alarm Sounds•Customizable Alarm Delay•Choose your own Alarm from your Media Library,any mp3 file

Log your Data

•Data Logging
•Data logging visual notification
•Log: Pitch, Roll, Lat, Log, Elv, Compass
•Set Logging Freguency
•View Log
•Erase Log
•Export Log to CSV (Excel compatible)
•Backup Log

•Restore Log

Pick from 20 vehicle icons, with many more to come

•FJ Cruiser
•FJ 80
•FJ 60
•FJ 40
•FJ 40 Soft Top

•JK 2 Dr
•JK 4 Dr

•Xterra 2002
•Xterra 2000

•Land Rover Defender
•Ranger Rover 90

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