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How to Install IPF lights on a Bumper, these are IPF 900xsd

Ratchet set
1/8 drill bit
#10 sheet metal screw
Wire Cutter
Wire Stripper
Wire Crimper
½” Wire Loom
Zip Ties
Switch of your choice

A pic of the parts

The parts you won’t need if you use a different switch

Plug in the relay to the wires

Wire and connectors for the lights

Positive wire to power the lights, connects to battery terminal

Ground for the relay and the lights

There are 2 wires attached, black is the ground, black with a white strip is the power out from the switch to the relay

Install the lights on the bumper

There is a hole near the battery, perfect for running the wires to the lights

The bracket for the grill provides a great place to tie up the loose wires

The wires are secured, also I added ½” wire loom to the unprotected wires on the back of the lights, odd they had plastic tubing on all the wiring except these.

Drill a 1/8 hole to attached the relay

#10 Sheet metal screw fits perfect or use the included black screw

Take out the ground bolt and bolt in the negative wires

2 wires left, yellow the power from the battery to the lights and the black with a white stripe, power out from the switch to power the relay.

Run the black wire with the white strip into the cabin through the firewall. You need to cut off the connector on both wires.

It comes out here under the driver side dash.

Connect the yellow wire to the battery terminal

Wire your switch, make sure you connect the black wire with the white strip to the power out on the switch. The other black wire attached, can be pulled back and cut off if you are going to ground out the switch within the cabin or you can use the wire to ground the switch to under the hood (where the other end is). It doesn’t matter which you choose.

Fuse Panel for switch wiring