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How to install a Rocktek Front Bumper

Follow Toyota’s bumper removal instructions, attached.
Follow the Rocktek bumper installation instructions, attached

Recommend Tools
Ratchet set
¼ “ ratchet
1ft extension and swivel adapter
Set of deep sockets
Ratcheting wrenches
Panel Remover

I also used
Dremel Stylus
Black Satin spray paint
4 extra ½” Grade 8 washers
2 – 6mm bolts
4 – 8mm x 25 bolts
Washers and nuts
Strong mini pipe cleaners
Liquid wrench

Stock Bumper

Open Hood, follow Toyota directions, remove clips

Follow Toyota directions, remove screws

Follow Toyota directions, release clips

Front grill/bezel removed

Follow Toyota directions, remove clips on top of bumper

Follow Toyota directions, remove bolts on bottom and side. I found to remove the bumper, push down under the signal lamps and pull away from FJ.

Follow Toyota directions, remove bumper side support

The front of the fender didn’t have anything to hold it in place, a clip from the side support held it there previously.

Bolt & hardware used to secure front fender

Follow Toyota directions, remove bolts for upper retainer

Follow Toyota directions, remove bolts for bumper reinforcement, save these flange nuts. Get a strong wrench, a lot of force to break these free.

A large chunk of the fender should be hanging in the air, cut it off.

Driver side showing how I decided to trim the fender (Used a Dremel stylus)

Passenger side showing how I decided to trim the fender (Used a Dremel stylus)

Follow Rocktek directions, install new ac line bracket, bend AC line, cover line with fuel line to protect it.

Follow Rocktek directions, driver side bracket install, 19mm black bolt has a washer under it, small black bolt has a washer between the frame and the bracket, gold 19mm bolt has a washer under it, threads into capture nut. (The 2 black bolts use threaded holes in the frame, mine were very dirty and a bit rusty, cleaned them with pipe cleaners and then used liquid wrench, repeat a few times, get those threads clean)

Brackets complete

Painting the body color, I used black satin spray paint, the body color will been see otherwise when the bumper is installed. Get the AC line too.

I sprayed everything on the front end, gave a very nice appearance. Wiggle the end of the capture nut bar until it breaks at the scored area, should now be flush with the frame mounts.

Once the fender plastic is removed, it exposes these useless mud traps.

For the driver side hole, I cut the top of the fender plastic to make a cover (Used a Dremel stylus)

You can’t reach the holes from the top or bottom; I used a nut to keep the bolt in place to make a post.

New cover made from old fender

Painted cover and anything body color, now exposed on the fender.

Repeat the same process for the passenger side

Get help to lift the bumper onto the 8 frame bolts, once it is on, it is completely balanced, no need to hold it up. Get the saved flange nuts and put them back on. The top and bottom hole use the 19 mm gold bolts, a washer goes under each bolt and infront of each nut. The top bolt only uses (per Rocktek) 3 washers to fill the space. Do this for both sides. I had to use 6 on the driver side and 4 on the passenger side to get the bumper to sit straight, this will likely vary for each bumper.
I found the only way I could get the flange nut inside the bottom of the bumper for both sides to turn untill it was tight is; I used a deep socket, attached to a swivel on the end of a 1 ft extension for my ratchet, it allowed the socket to sit straight on the nut, but the ratchet was at a ~ 45 degree angle, going through the hole in the front of the bumper. The ratcheting wrench only got it 95% of the way, from underneath.

Finished, now that's a nice bumper

Update, pics with lights 5/1/2010

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment