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I have used Everblades for the last few years and have been very happy.

The Everblades http://www.everblades.com/ set-up is about $170
FJ Kit http://www.everblades.com/shop/66161414-fj-cruiser-kit

The install guide was based on a different vendor's product, but the install is the same as the Ever Blades.

Here is my install of heated wiper blades for my FJ.
Time 5hrs

Again Note the pictures are of a different product.

I used the following Parts

Now the Install

For additional reference, I attached the instructions from Northland

The supplies arrive, contents from Northland and Switch

Time to assemble the adapter to fit the FJ, notice which parts are laid out.

I’ve assembled all 3, the washer has a rubber inner ring that stops it from coming loose, keep the rubber end on the outside when screwing it on, also notice the orientation of the blade and adapter assembly.

Some extra supplies on right, connectors, wire, and larger Ring Terminals vs kit supplied on left, notice they are much bigger, will make grounding easier.

Ok I’m outside, warm 34F day, use a towel to kneel on, will save your paint, be careful not to put a lot of weigh on hood near center, could dent. I used the panel remover around the edges to pop out the 3 black grates.

I also needed to pop loose the black covers around the wiper arms, a bit harder to get out than the grate, just take your time. I took the wire ran it into the hole under the wiper arm though the bottom of the black cover, then ran the wire on top on the black framing under the yellow portion of the hood along the wiper arm area.

I ran it out of the black grate hole next to the wiper arm.

I straightened the wire, ran and slid it on top of the black framing all the way down to the last wiper arm on the drivers side. I repeated this process for the middle and drivers side blades. I took all of the twists out of the wires, removed the stock blades by pressing down the tab and pushing the blade down the arm and then connected the new blades to the wiper arms.

I used 2 zip ties per a blade and secured the wire running on top of the wiper arm and down the arm. I left 3 inches of slack at the base on the wiper arm, under the black cover.

Once I fished all 3 wires out from under the drivers side, I needed a way to run the wire under the hood and then into the cabin. The problem is there was not a safe place to run the wires without worry of damaging them. I decided I must make a path. Where I drilled the hole is very little room, I didn’t want to puncture the black box area, only put a hole through the over hanging area, a simple straight through drill, I also had to make sure the wires were far enough from the hinge right next to it, was tough to find the optimal location. I started drilling with a very small bit and progressively got larger to control the hole location to exactly where I wanted it. The hole was finally drilled with a 5/16 bit.

Feed the 3 wires through the hole.

There’s an empty firewall plug under the hood, I looked inside the cab to see where it comes out, a very empty space, safe to send a knife through to cut the fabric without cutting anything else.

You can’t drill through this stuff, found the easiest way to cut was just stick a 4” blade through the hole once you pull out the rubber plug, the fabric will push away but then it will cut, I did 2 cuts in a + pattern.

I drilled the plug with smaller bits until I could get the 5/16 through it, take your time, hard to hold while drilling, now I could run the wires and have a tight seal into the cabin.

Feed the wires through and into the cabin, pulled everything snug, zip-tie here or there, the wires are now in the cabin and safe from damage under the hood. Now into the FJ we go.

Remove the kick panel along the door, pulls up.

Remove the dead pedal, slide your fingers behind the top, grab and pull towards you.

Turn the plastic screw that was under the dead pedal, towards the left, pop off panel on left.

The ground point is under the mess of wires.

Ground point (the bolt)

The 3 wiper wires that are now in the cabin, have a protective sheath around them, you need to take a knife and slide the blade between the ground (black) and pos (red) wires and then cut off the sheath, leaving 2 wires ready to get stripped.

Strip the wires and connect all 3 pos (red) to one blue crimp connector and then repeat for the ground (black).
Measure out wire for the ground connection from the ground on the FJ to the ground crimp connector on the wipers and another wire for the ground from the switch. I cut the ring connectors and bent them into a “U” shape so I can slide them around the grounding bolt.

Loosen the ground bolt with the 10mm socket using the extender, slide the 2 “U” shaped connectors under the bolt and tighten. Take the end of the ground wire you measured for the ground connection to the wiper, strip the end and connect it to the wiper ground crimp connector.

Remove the cover to the fuse panel, remove the silver drivers side vent unit, grab top and bottom and pull out towards you. Remove the blank for the switch, measure and cut wire that will connect to the pos (red) on the wipers and to the switch, feed the wire through the hole and then connect it to the crimp connector on the wiper pos (red), connect the other end of the wiper pos to a Blue crimp connector. Twist together the ends of the leads on Pins 2 & 3 (By connecting the switch illumination to the 12v out, the switch will light only when the heated blades are ON) and connect them to the blue crimp connector coming from the pos on the wiper blades. Connect the other ground wire for the switch ground to its corresponding lead on the harness. Measure and cut wire for the 12V IN from the fuse panel, connect it to the lead from Pin 1. Now insert 1 or 2 10A fuses into the tap a fuse (depends if you are using a fuse slot allready in use or empty) and connect it to the wire on the 12v IN from Pin 1 and the insert it into the fuse panel.

Tacoma/FJ Switch Wiring

The last thing you have to do is trim the switch to fit. Holding the switch so the button is on the right and the 2 raised rails are facing you, trim off the bottom rail, you'll see if you try to put the switch in the hole that the bottom won't fit. Take knife and shave the entire thing off, so it becomes flush. Connect the harness to the switch, push in the switch. Turn on the FJ and push in the switch, it should Illuminate and now you have heated blades. Enjoy!!