Jan 10 14 4:04 PM

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I added another 12v behind the dash for my GPS Garim C550. The 12v was added a few weeks ago while I was waiting for the GPS, so I don't have the ground point in a pic, but if you were succesfull with installing the first 12v then this is alot easier.

I pulled open the fuse panel and installed a 12v socket right into the fuse panel. On the end of the pos wire I crimped on a connector and then trimmed the plastic down and pinch the metal end until it was small enough to fit into the top of a fuse slot. The fuse slot I used powers on and off with the FJ, there were one or two others empties I tried that were constant power.

I ran the neg wire to one of the factory ground points, you need to wiggle and pull towards you the foot rest, it just pops off, then where the foot rest was, to the bottom left of it is a plastic screw you just turn it with your hand. Then pull off the plastic panel that goes under the doors, now you can just pull off the panel in the pic, the ground point is obvious and right behind it.

Turn the plastic screw that was under the dead pedal, towards the left, pop off panel on left.

The ground point is under the mess of wires.

Ground point (the bolt)

Here's everything neatly tucked behind the dash

To run the GPS wire end, I pulled off the left vent, the whole silver piece just pulls towards you. Then I took the cover off the tweeter and took the 2 bolts out and unplugged/removed the tweeter, then I pulled the cover for the vin# on the dash. You can see the black wire I ran behind the dash.

The hardest part was trying to get the plug pushed under and out through the tiny gap between the dash, windshield and vin# plate, the end of the connector was a rectangle, I was anticipating a round end, thus smaller. I used my panel remover to help push it up while I wiggled the end of the wire around. Then I ran the wire through the vin plate cover and snapped it back on

I put the speaker back in and put all the pieces back together. This is what it looks like when the GPS is not attached. I will by another power cord if I need to use the GPS in another vehicle.

Final Product, Nice clean look