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Jan 10 14 3:39 PM

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For those of us that are vertically challenged and find the seat does not go as high as we would like, a simple solution, put a spacer under the seat post, not an original idea, but the width of this spacer fits the FJ.

This made a huge improvement, I now can have the seat at the exact height I want.

If anyone wants a set, I have extra material, $25 shipped to your door, $45 for 2 sets.
A set is 2 spacer, 2 bolts & washers for a single seat, these only fit in the rear of the seat.

Abrasion-Resistant HMW
Tensile Strength, psi -5,600
Rockwell Hardness - Shore D69
Impact Strength, ft.-lbs./in. - No Break
Density lbs/in3 - 0.034 1
Thermal Expansion in/in/DegreeF - 10 neg4

1 3/4" hole saw
1/2" drill bit
2 bolts - M10 Class 8.8, 1.25, 50MM
2 - 7/16 Washer

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