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Nov 28 13 10:17 AM

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I cannot exit the app unless I completely power down my Galaxy S3. Back button is ignored by this app no matter how many time I press it. It works to exit all my other apps.The app needs a dedicated exit button or fix the app to exit when the back button is pressed.
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Nov 30 13 8:47 AM

Re: Exiting the App

Thank you for contacting the forum about your question.

You can press the home button on any android device and it will take you back to the home screen from any app, there is no need to restart the device.

The back button was disabled as a feature to prevent users from switching between landscape and portrait mode inadvertently or ending up in the app menu. The back button will take you back to the last few screens of the app until you reach the home screen, not always what you may expect.

I will add to the list of potential features for the next release of the app, the ability to enable the back button function.

Please let me know if you are able to successfully use the home button to leave the app.

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Oct 31 15 9:30 PM

Back button

When back button is pressed, the app asks if I wanted to exit the app. When I confirm I want to exit, it looks like it closes and immediately reopens. Please fix this. Thanks.

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Mar 8 17 11:17 AM

App Exit

I'm using the S6 Active with android version 4.4.2 and haven't had any problems using the back button to exit app. Once I exit the app will only start when I open the app again. What Android version are you using?

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