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Oct 20 13 4:05 PM

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Just purchased and installed full version on Google Nexus 7 (second generation). Works so far, but have the following questions / suggestions.

My first attempt was to lie the tablet flat on the table (screen is horizontal) with the app screen locked to Landscape mode. Calibrated to zero. Pitch worked by rotating the tablet on its long edge, but there was no change of reading when it is rotated on its short side. When I orient the tablet with its screen vertical (as it it was mounted on the face of a vehicle dashboard) then it reacts as expected. If I lock the screen in Portrait orientation, then it works on both axes as expected when its in the flat orientation. I had intended to mount the tablet in a flat orientation, so I found this behavior somewhat confusing.

I did a test with data logging set to 1 second interval and GPS Refresh set to 2 m and 120 seconds. The application that I have in mind for this software requires the 2 m precision and frequent readings. When I export the CSV after walking around my property (within an area about 15 m x 8 m), all the Lat/Long are identical to 7 decimals of precision. I am not sure whether the data was recorded incorrectly (how many decimal degrees are required for 2 m at 49 North Latitude?) or a GPS refresh was not triggered because of the 120 second setting. Either way, some additional clarity on the refresh items would be helpful.

Glad I found this app!! Was searching extensively to find this capability. Thanks!
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Oct 20 13 7:38 PM

Re: New user questions

Tested further and found that setting the GPS Refresh Time to 1 second was required. Each GPS reading appears different.

Would be nice to have an Android "Share" action on the exported data file. Would be a quick-and-easy way to copy the file into Dropbox.

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Oct 21 13 8:59 AM

Re: New user questions

Thanks for contacting me and supporting RollMeOver.

The issue you are describing, that Roll does not function when you lay the device flat.

When the phone is flat, what you perceive as roll, is the actual Roll or Pitch of the device.
When the phone is not flat, the perceived roll is actually "yaw".

The app is designed to measure the perceived Pitch and Roll, this is why everything works as expected in all orientations but flat. It works relative to its position in your hand.

I can look into adding an option and the supporting algorithms to have a Roll for the flat orientations. I can't make any promises as I need to evaluate the feasibility of this, though conceptually I should be able to do it. I will look into this and post back, it is a major fundamental code change, it may take a while.

If this feature is an immediate deal breaker, email me at and we can work on a refund.

Thanks for the suggestion for an Android share feature, I'll look into that.

I see you found your answer to the GPS question, you made the correct change to the time.

You appear to be the most advance user of this app so far, I have very few folks whom made me aware they use any of the features, especially the data logging.

If you have any more comments, please share them.


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Oct 22 13 8:58 AM

Re: New user questions

Definitely NOT a dealbreaker. Just having the info that it is not expected to work while flat would be sufficient.

I will be looking at the "damping" that is available (or not) on the application. While driving around flat city streets, I noticed the device was indicating inclinations up to 12 degrees. Likely due to jostling of the car on bumpy roads. I *think* I saw something about damping in the Settings, but haven't had time to go back to look.

I had searched widely for an application to do the GPS / Inclination / Logging before I found your app. Was even contemplating starting an Android app of my own... THAT would have been a steep learning curve.

Will keep you informed how I make out with your app for my project.


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Oct 22 13 1:38 PM

Re: New user questions

To reduce highway spikes when driving.

Under GPS/Cal/Sens
Option - Reduce Pitch & Roll Spike, it is a continuous last 5 readings avg. When you use this, if you log data, you log this value.

Android is a major learning curve, I knew java before I started, it had no real value for this type of app, everything is about the Android API. Each time there is a new version of Android, you get new bugs with the old code. Trying to fix the app for 4.3 at the moment.

I'm very curious about what you are doing with the app, please do post back.

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Oct 23 13 7:21 AM

Re: New user questions

Evaluating if we can use your software to monitor the inclination of forestry equipment as it travels across steep terrain.

Just FYI, I've attached the (only) run I've done so far. It was in an automobile on a residential city street. The spikes are problematic, but I will try again with the "smoothing" setting.

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Oct 24 13 1:38 PM

Re: New user questions

Wow, never thought my app would have any real world usefulness besides offroad driving entertainment. I can't see the attached log. If you are using 4.2 or 4.3, the app may crash when switching from portrait to landscape; 4.1 & < ran without issue. Hoping to release an update by the end of the weekend, on screen options will be alot faster and hopefully use less memory.

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Feb 4 14 11:52 AM

Re: New user questions

Flat Pitch/Roll is coming to Version 2.0

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